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    Pregnant and Honest: 40 WEEKS I can’t believe that Baby Charlie is going to be here in the next day or two! We are heading to the hospital tonight for an induction. This pregnancy has flown by but at this point the days are dragging because I am so exhausted all the time. Insomnia is in full swing and I am up for about 2-3 hours in the middle of the night. I have never understood the insomnia part of pregnancy. I know that people say, “Well it’s just preparing your body to be up all hours of the night with a newborn” but as far as I’m concerned I would rather enter that phase well rested instead of already being exhausted. But I really have no control over the lack of sleep, so I just try to nap as much as I can; although napping isn’t exactly easy either because it’s so difficult to get comfortable. I have a million pillows and practically sleep sitting up. Phil says that we have the great wall of China between us because there are so many pillows. One night my insomnia was so bad that I was up for 5 hours; after lying awake for [...]

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    6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Pregnant With My First

    6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Pregnant With My First Now I am not entirely sure that I would have listened to all of this advice when I was pregnant because some things you just have to experience for yourself, but now that I am on the other side, I do wish I had this prior knowledge. 1. Bring maternity clothes to wear home from the hospital.             Don’t be surprised if you go home still looking 8 months pregnant. I am not sure what planet I was living on when I was pregnant with my son but I know it was not earth. I look back and laugh at the items I packed in my hospital bag. I brought pre-pregnancy yoga pants and t-shirts. There was no way I was going to be able to fit in those clothes hours after delivery.  I had no idea that it takes weeks and months for your uterus to contract and shrink back down to its normal size. The entire time I was at the hospital I couldn’t even put pants on. I wore a nursing tank top and a bathrobe. The only thing I could wear on my lower [...]

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    Pregnant and Honest: 30 Weeks

    Pregnant and Honest: 30 Weeks I was pleasantly surprised at how great I was feeling during the second trimester. And then the third trimester hit and BAM I started feeling extremely tired, my back started aching more and I’m just uncomfortable. I’ve had multiple stomachaches that have lasted for days…I even threw up one night, which was terrible. I was out with family and as soon as we parked I got sick. By the grace of God I happened to have a plastic bag in my purse, but unfortunately it had a small hole in it so I used a diaper that was lying around in the car to catch anything that leaked. It was a mess of an evening. HELLO THIRD TRIMESTER is all that I could think of.       We were able to spend a lot of time with my husband’s family in the month of January. His grandmother was still in town visiting and we wanted to spend as much time with her before she went home to Minnesota. Parker loves his Gigi so much! It was really cute to see the way he bonded with her. He would even tuck her in and rub her [...]

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1302, 2017

Favorite Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

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    Favorite Valentine’s Day Books for Kids Did you know that about 85% of brain development happens in the first five years of life? Reading in these critical years significantly influences a child’s lifelong [...]

1002, 2017

5 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Under $5

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5 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Under $5 I know that Valentine’s Day is a cheesy hallmark holiday but I have always loved it; not for the romantic aspect (although now that I have [...]