Burpee & Jumping Jack Tabata Circuit

Burpee & Jumping Jack Tabata Circuit 

4 Minute Workout

This past week I have been visiting my parents in Tennessee. Sometimes while traveling it can be difficult to get those workouts in, but everyone has 4 minutes they can dedicate to exercising. This short Tabata circuit is just 4 minutes long, but don't let that small number deceive you because this workout is harder then it looks. I love Tabatas because you do an exercise for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Immediately following your rest you will do another 20 seconds of exercise and then rest again for 10 and you keep this pattern going for a total of 4 minutes. Today I am showing you a burpee and jumping jack tabata circuit. Start of doing burpees for 20 seonds, then rest for 10 seconds. Then do jumping jacks for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. That little circuit is 1 minute long and you will repeat that 4 times. By the end you will be sweating, your heart will be pounding, and your legs will be burning! No matter how busy we get, we all have 4 minutes to spare to get a little exercise in even while out of town or on vacation. 


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