Front & Side Elbow Planks

Front & Side Elbow Planks

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Most people think that front elbow planks are just about balancing, but by actively contracting other muscle groups you can get almost a full body workout from just this one exercise. The correct body postion is key for performing planks correctly. Your shoulder should be directly over you elbow, as if your joints were stacking blocks, one on top of the other. Keep your spine neutral and elongated. Your spine extends from your neck all the way down to your tailbone. You can achieve a neutral spine by keep your back and neck flat to the ground. This mean not straining your neck to look up or hanging yout neck to look down. Remeber that 50% of your weight should be on your arms and 50% of your weight should be on your legs. If you find your shoulder leaning over your elbow then you have too much weight on your arms and will fatigure quickly during this exercise. If you find you butt up in the air then you are leaning too far back and have more then 50% of your weight on your legs.  Concentrate on squeezing your abs, gluets and thighs the enture time while performing this exercise in order to achieve greater results. 

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