A month and ½ ago I did something for the first time ever. I went away by MYSELF! That’s right, no toddler and no hubby! Just me, hanging out with my best friend Alaina for an entire weekend!

If I am being completely honest I always thought that moms who went away by themselves were selfish.

How could they leave their kids and get away? I thought that there was no way I could ever do this considering it took me until my son was almost two for my husband and I to spend our first night away.

I hadn’t planned on a trip to NJ, in fact I wasn’t going to do anymore flying for the rest of my pregnancy because of how badly I swelled last pregnancy after flying. But Frontier Airlines was having a crazy deal that I just couldn’t pass up; I have never seen flights this low in my life. So I asked my hubby if I could go and spend the weekend with my best friend. He was pretty shocked at the idea because he never thought I would leave little man at home with him and travel to another state. I’m not gonna lie I had second thoughts before I left, but I knew that my husband was more than capable of watching our little guy and that everyone would survive without me for a couple of days.

It was so hard leaving my boys that I almost didn’t go. I cried on the way to the airport and I lost it as they dropped me off. I was a mess, but I knew this was something that I needed to do before the arrival of Baby Charlie in just a few short weeks.

I haven’t flown by myself in over two years; I’ve had Parker as my little travel companion for my last 20 flights. At first I was lonely at the airport but then I started enjoying the alone time. Going through security was a breeze without my little man, the stroller and all the other things that you need when traveling with a young child.

I had some time to kill before boarding the plane so I decided I wanted to enjoy some hot tea. I don’t know why but I always stop at Starbucks once I make it through security. I like to get a coffee or a tea and usually a slice of pumpkin bread. This plan is flawed because Parker would eat most of my pumpkin bread and as for my coffee or tea, it always got cold before I could finish it because I was trying to entertain my little one.

Of course the ONE time in my life that I am traveling by myself and could actually finish my drink, Starbucks was out of coffee and tea. I have never in my life heard of a Starbucks not being able to serve coffee or tea, but it was just my luck that it would happen the one time I could really sit and enjoy a hot drink.

On the plane I watched Pitch Perfect because I figured it was a funny movie that would make me laugh and not cry. Well I was wrong; I cried so many times while watching that movie, I must have looked crazy. But then again I’m pregnant so I am a little (okay maybe a lot) crazy.

All of the ups and downs were worth it when I was reunited with my best friend! We had such a fun, relaxing weekend and it was so great to just spend time together.  

So what does a pregnant mama do while she is away with no responsibilities? Take a nap obviously!

This was the pic my husband received letting him know I was having a good time. I didn’t even mean to fall asleep, I laid down for a few minutes and two hours later I woke up (feeling great I might add.)

I learned several lessons while getting away on my little “Momcation.”

1. It showed me that my family can survive for a couple of days without me.

Did my son stay in his pajamas all weekend long? Yes! Did my husband feed him cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner? Yes! Did he keep my little man alive? Yes! And that’s all that matters. 

2. It grew the level of trust between my husband and I. He may not have done things the way that I would have done them but that’s okay.

I am realizing that sometimes I just need to let go and let my husband be a dad. I am a bit of a perfectionist and therefore tend to micromanage everything. His only task for the weekend was to take care of Parker but he went above and beyond. He was super sweet and surprised me by rearranging the furniture downstairs to make room for all the baby stuff that will be coming out in a few weeks.

3. It is okay to take a break and refresh, in fact it’s healthy! In order to be the best mom and wife for my family I need to take time for myself.

I always thought that it was selfish to have alone time but I am realizing now that it’s the opposite. It’s been hard for me to learn that I am actually taking care of my family when I am taking care of myself. For more encouragement on this topic read "Why I Believe in TIME OUTS" by my dear friend Sarah Jo.

4. A weekend with my best friend was exactly what I needed! There is something rejuvenating about spending time with someone who you can be 100% yourself around.

Alaina and I have been best friends for 25 years. Very few people can say that they have been through every phase of life with the same person, but we can and we feel so blessed to have each other. Friendships like this come around once in a lifetime.


We spent our Saturday painting these cute animal piggy banks to go in the boys’ room. Even though I was away, my boys were always on my mind. I’m a mom I can’t help it! I even got to see some of my family on this short trip. We got to enjoy cheese steaks with my aunt Saturday night, and have breakfast with my grandma Sunday morning before my flight.

I have no idea when I will be able to take another momcation but I am so glad that I overcame my fears of leaving my little man at home and took this trip. 

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