My Mother’s Day Memories Scrapbook

My Mother's Day Memories Scrapbook      

     This year I decided to make a Mother’s Day present for myself. I hinted around last year to my husband that I wanted a Mother’s Day scrapbook where I could put a few pictures and have all my keepsake cards & artwork from our child(dren) for years to come. This way it’ll all be in one place and each year I can look back and treasure all the moments from previous years. Needless to say he did not pick up on my clues even though I showed him an example of what I would want. He did do an amazing job though for Mother’s Day last year and he got me tickets for Cirque Du Soleil. He knew that I wanted to see them perform but had never been to a show (sometimes husbands do pay attentions to things that interest us).  Unfortunately the show turned out to be a bust because it was the Michael Jackson tour. We had more fun people watching, and eating great food then we did actually watching the performance. But the important thing is that we had a night out together, made memories, and laughed A LOT! We still laugh about that night and all the craziness that ensued.
     Anyways, Father’s Day came around last year and I made him a Father’s Day Scrapbook and wrote a little note from Parker to Daddy. He absolutely loved it. This year I will add to it and maybe even have Parker draw a picture since he is a toddler now. After I gave it to my husband, he told me that this was such a great idea, and then I proceeded to explain that this is what I was trying to tell him that I wanted for Mother’s Day. He had no clue. I have learned over this past year that that if you want your husband to do something you can’t hint around at it; you just have to be direct and ask for it because he most likely won’t pick up on your clues. The second thing is that it’s okay to do something for you. That is precisely what I did this year. I went to Michael’s Craft Store and bought a scrapbook (using a 40% off coupon of course). And then spent some time leisurely walking around the store looking at difference craft projects and enjoying myself while my husband watched our Little Man. I could walk around that store for hours at a time. That night after Little Man went to bed, I got out all my scrapbooking supplies (which is a lot) and went to town on My Mother’s Day Memories scrapbook. Last year my husband took these adorable pictures of our baby for Mother’s Day so I definitely wanted to put those in there. And then I added a picture of my Little Man and I on Mother’s Day when my in-laws took us out to dinner. I tried to keep it simple.
     If I have more time I may go back and add a few more of my favorite pictures from last year. I will have my husband take pictures of our Little Man again for Mother’s day, and add those, plus a picture of us together along with any cards, notes, or artwork I receive this year. If you love this idea, but your kids are a little older, don’t feel like you need to back track through all the previous years. Just start this year! Take a picture with your kids on Mother’s Day and put it in your scrapbook along with the cards you receive. Your scrapbook doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate. And remember you can always go back and add to it if you have some free time. Who am I kidding moms don’t have free time, but try to schedule time for this if it’s something you want to make.  I really enjoyed working on My Mother’s Day Memories scrapbook and I am so glad that I decided to make it for myself. Now all of my Mother’s Day cards and memories will be in once place and I can cherish them for years to come. 






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