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Plexus was featured on Fox News due to its amazing products.  Connie Christy, 43, has a genetic disorder called Trimethylaminuria which caused her to emit a pungent smell.  Although this condition is rare, it goes to show how many Americans are suffering in silence from disorders that stem from the gut.  Connie used to be bullied growing up and was even called “Connie the Tuna” and had no idea why she would emit this smell.

Not All Probiotics are the same:

Connie tried one probiotic drink for two weeks, yet this didn’t help her it actually made the smell stronger.  It wasn’t until she discovered Plexus’s ProBio5 and BioClense that her symptoms subsided.  Now Plexus has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  What we do know, is that Connie has been taking three tablets per day for three years and has only smelled like fish three times since then.

Suffering in Silence:

Unlike Connie, there are so many who are having issues with their gut who are not able to clearly identify the issue with a smell.  Did you know that 90% of your serotonin is produced in your gut?  This means that the feel-good hormone is being produced in an area that most Americans are neglecting.  Plexus’s Probiotic is one of the only ones on the market with an antifungal.  It is this antifungal which is helping to fight against candida yeast overgrowth.

If you are suffering in silence with an autoimmune disorder, IBS, thyroid issues, or just want to ensure that your gut is in order.  Please fill out the contact us form and we will be in contact.  I am so excited for you to have your own story like Connie.

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