Pregnant and Honest: 24 Weeks

Pregnant and Honest: 24 Weeks

We have some very exciting news! We found out that baby #2 is a BOY!!

I will officially be outnumbered in our house 3 to 1, but I couldn’t be happier about it. Looks like I get to keep my title of Queen for a while longer.


It has been a nightmare trying to switch to a new ob/gyn since we moved so I am a little behind on my appointments which is why it took us until now to find out we were having a boy. While my parents were in town we went and had an ultrasound done to find out the gender. We already had an idea that it was going to be a boy because at my 13 weeks ultrasound it was pretty obvious but they couldn’t “officially” tell us until later on in my pregnancy. My husband said from day 1 that this baby was going to be a boy because he claims that it’s impossible for him to produce girls.

We have also decided on a name for our little man: Charles Henry and we will call him Charlie for short. Not only do I love how sophisticated his full name sounds but there is special meaning behind both names. Last year Phil’s grandpa Charles passed away which was extremely sad because he was such an amazing man. He taught Phil so many lessons about what it means to be a hardworking man and how to love your wife unconditionally. We wanted to honor him and keep him name going so we decided to name this next baby after him. Last year my dad’s brother Henry also passed away. He was always more like the grandfather I never had, than an uncle to me and he was one funny man. We thought that it would be fitting to name our little guy after him as well.

This past month of pregnancy has flown by because my family has been so busy. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we weren’t home for more than a few days at a time. We were traveling back and forth to Orlando for the holidays and then New Jersey for my best friends wedding.


I was 19 weeks pregnant at my best friends wedding. If you ever find yourself pregnant as a bridemaids it is very easy to have your dress altered to make it maternity friendly! My seamstress said that it happens more often then you would think. 



Now typically I live in my leggings, pajamas or bathrobe, but because of all the holidays I was dressed up often and took full advantage of these rare moments to captures a few bump pics. Don’t expect to see more photos like these ones because now that the holidays are over I plan on returning to my comfy lounge clothes. Also I figured that this baby should have at least one or two chalk board photos since Parker had one for every single week that I was pregnant with him.

For 2 years my little man has been an amazing travel buddy and over the holidays he flew his 20th flight. We definitely got our moneys worth out the lap child policy where kids fly for free until they turn two. My husband said that we are on lock down this year since our little guy can no longer fly for free with me. So please feel free to come and visit us this year in Florida! smiley

So many crazy things have been happening this month, but one of the most exciting was that my little man turned 2! I have no idea how this happened because it feels like just yesterday I was pregnant with him. I will be sharing the details from his birthday in a separate post but here is a little sneak peak of his John Deere tractor theme party.

As far as pregnancy symptoms are concerned, I haven’t had many this month. I get heartburn every once in a while, but I have really been feeling great. I do get tired easily which is normal, but I have been trying my best to nap when my little man goes down for a nap. Speaking of being tired, I can finally drink my morning coffee again but only half a cup because that seems to be all the caffeine by body can handle right now.  I have only gained 12 pounds so far which is amazing because I am over half way through my pregnancy. This is just another way that this pregnancy is totally different from my first. I had probably gained close to 30lbs at this point in my first pregnancy. 

Stay tuned for next months post as I continue to track the good, the bad and the crazy about my second pregnancy.

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