Pregnant and Honest: 30 Weeks

Pregnant and Honest: 30 Weeks

I was pleasantly surprised at how great I was feeling during the second trimester. And then the third trimester hit and BAM I started feeling extremely tired, my back started aching more and I’m just uncomfortable. I’ve had multiple stomachaches that have lasted for days…I even threw up one night, which was terrible. I was out with family and as soon as we parked I got sick. By the grace of God I happened to have a plastic bag in my purse, but unfortunately it had a small hole in it so I used a diaper that was lying around in the car to catch anything that leaked. It was a mess of an evening.

HELLO THIRD TRIMESTER is all that I could think of.


We were able to spend a lot of time with my husband’s family in the month of January. His grandmother was still in town visiting and we wanted to spend as much time with her before she went home to Minnesota. Parker loves his Gigi so much! It was really cute to see the way he bonded with her. He would even tuck her in and rub her back before her naps.

Over the past month I have had a strange compulsion to bake A LOT! The odd thing is that I can’t even really eat sweets except one or two during the day yet all I want to do is bake. Around valentines day I posted a few recipes. If you are looking for a delicious Brownie Recipe or my Favorite Pancake Recipe just click the link! One night I even found myself baking muffins at midnight, which then resulted in me being up all night due to yet another stomachache! Oh the joys of being pregnant right?! But let me tell you those muffins were delicious and my family loved them, especially my little man.

Last time I had mentioned how difficult it’s been to find a new OB since we moved up to WPB, so in the meantime I have been driving down to Hollywood & Mirmar for all of my appointments the past few months which is a real hassle because it’s at least an hour drive. But all of that is done and I am glad to say that we FINALLY found new a doctor just 10 minutes from us. I had my first appointment with her last week and everything went well.

It’s hard to believe that baby Charlie is going to be here in 10 weeks! What’s even harder for me to believe is that I have gained less then 20 pounds. With my first pregnancy I had gained at least 40 lbs at this point. My eating habits are drastically different this go around and it’s made a huge difference. Plus I am running around after my very active 2 year old every day instead of lying around binge watching Netflix & sleeping all day.


I never really had an urge to nest when I was pregnant with Parker, but with Charlie I am nesting big time! And by nesting I mean I have been cleaning & organizing a lot more. I have never really cared about keeping my house super clean or de-cluttered (just being honest). Our home has always been “well-lived-in ”as evidenced by the sink full of dirty dishes, laundry piled around (both clean and dirty) and toys all over. But over the past few weeks I have been on top of my game, especially in the kitchen! I find that the kitchen is the hardest to keep clean because it seems that as soon as I do the dishes and clean the counter tops then it's time to cook and I dirty it all over again.

With this new urge to keep our house clean I have been teaching Parker to clean up his toys and it’s amazing what a 2 year old is capable of doing. It took a little effort on my part to get all of his toys organized, but now all his toys have a place. So when his toys start to get a little out of control or it’s time to go to bed,we clean everything up. I don’t make him do it all by himself, I help him of course, but he knows which toys go in which bins. We make a big deal when he is all done cleaning up, usually with clapping, cheers and giving hugs. It is so cute to see how proud he is of himself when he has accomplished the task. Not only is cleaning up a great lesson for Parker to learn at a young age but it helps make my life easier because after he goes to bed, my husband and I aren’t tripping over all the toys anymore.

Since I am all about keeping it real and honest in my blog posts I thought that I would share one more picture with you. You know that super adorable picture at the top of the page with Parker laying on my belly… well those smiles quickly went downhill in just a few seconds.

Oh life with a toddler!

Stay tuned for next months post as I track the good, the bad and the crazy of my second pregnancy. 

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